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Why White Halloween Contact Lenses Should Be Your Choice For Halloween

Selecting Halloween Contact Lenses on this Halloween

The stage is set for Halloween and we are certain that you are gearing up for this year’s spook festival. This is one festival which never gets dull, every year you get to try something new. You get to witness so many colours and interesting costumes that the fun never ends.

With you we are also waiting for Halloween as the most awaited party is going to be something spectacular. I don’t know about you, but the wait is killing me. We are hoping and we know that this year too we are going to see some really inspiring costumes just like last year. We also know for a fact that even this year whiteout contact lenses are going to be the most popular choice. The whiteout contact lenses have always been favourite and we don’t see it changing anytime soon. Their popularity is so great that it gets pretty difficult for online stores and retailers to fulfill every order.

But why are white eyes so popular?

We get asked this all the time that whiteout contacts look too mainstream and they are not that flashy. You may be right but have you ever tried them on? Or have you ever seen how wearing all white contacts give you the perfect look for every different horror costume?

That is why we have decided to show those who have never tried whiteout contact lenses what a great choice they are for Halloween.

Why wear white lenses?

The best thing about white halloween contact lenses is that it is great for a number of Halloween costumes such as goblins, zombies, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, werewolves and wild beast. There are different shades and designs available in white Halloween contact lenses and with the right choice you can pretty much win every horror costume competition.

The whiteout contact lenses are the most widely used contacts for TV shows characters and movies, you must have seen Bran Stark in Game of Thrones white eyes when he uses his “vision” and also when Arya Start went blind.

There are many other costume options available with white Halloween contact lenses, one of which is the popular zombie costume or the undead army from the underworld. These white contact lenses have also provided great inspiring vampire costumes.

Below we are going to provide you with some of the best Halloween costume inspiration with whiteout contact lenses and also how you can wear them safely.

The best Halloween white eyes looks

We are aware that you are still wondering about wearing the whiteout contact lenses or not. That is why we have crafted up a list of some inspiring costumes made amazing with white Halloween contact lenses. We believe that these costume ideas for 2019 will blow you away.

Halloween top tips

We think Halloween will show us the famous grip reaper and skeleton costume, This is where you can cause that chilling sensation with white contact lenses where the watchers will watch in horror as your Halloween costume comes to life with those white eyes coming out from the holes of the skull.

The other great Halloween costume idea is that the popular zombie outfit. Now we know that we will see alot more zombie costumes but why not standing out among the rest? You can wear some worn out clothes, some white makeup on the face and a blood splash on the mouth and near the eyes. But, you will get the costume to life with those white Halloween contact lenses. It will really get your costume party started and you will become the center of attention.

With IT clown making a comeback in 2019 you can say that the scary clown costume is on the cards, you can go from being creepy to nerve wrecking scary with just the use of Whiteout contact lenses.

You know the exorcist girl? Well you can say that costume is still around. You ladies out there should get a messed up wig and an old white night gown with some fake blood sprouting out from your mouth. But to really get the move going you must put on those blind white contact lenses. Believe me even after so many decades you will not fail to cause some screams

The great thing about white contact lenses is that you can get yourself ready for Halloween even on the last day. The variety of costume ideas which accompany this popular coloured lenses is amazing. You can just put some white paint on your face and wear old worn out clothes with these lenses and you will be ready for Halloween in just a few hours.

Wear them safely

Halloween may be all about having fun, joking around and asking some candy. But your Halloween could literally become a nightmare if you are not careful with your Halloween contact lenses. You must follow these steps

  • Always buy quality lenses from trusted dealers and reputable online stores
  • Never share your contact lenses with anyone, whether friend or family.
  • Always put your lenses after applying the makeup and take them off immediately after coming home from the party i.e. before washing the makeup
  • Don’t ever sleep with your crazy contacts on your eyes.
  • If you feel any irritation or pain immediately take off your lenses.
  • If you feel anything wrong, then quickly consult the doctor.

Make sure you are following these rules. Do not compromise on the safety of your eyes, stay safe and enjoy Halloween.


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