Tungsten wedding rings: A Perfect Wedding Ring for All

Are you looking for an affordable, durable and stylish wedding ring for you? If yes, then tungsten rings can be the best option for you. With time the demand for tungsten ring has been increasing at full pace. There is a lot of reason behind this. For example, tungsten wedding rings for men can easily withstand regular wear and tear, and rough condition.

You don’t need to worry about the ring no matter what types of work you are doing. So, if you are planning to have something unique in your wedding ring, then go for a tungsten ring without any doubt. Let’s discuss some exciting characteristics of tungsten to know more about them.

Some incredible characteristics of tungsten wedding rings

  1. One of the major characteristics of a tungsten wedding band is it never react with other materials. Most of the tungsten rings are resistant to acids. These factors let it be molded with other jewelry material to create black and rose gold mens wedding band. Tungsten can be combined with black carbon fiber, gold, and more to craft unique and beautiful wedding rings. That’s why the rings are available in different styles and designs.
  2. Talking about its another interesting character, tungsten rings are lightweight. Even though it is a dense and tough material, it weighs much low. On the other hand, the rings are quite stronger than other materials like gold, silver, platinum, etc. Gold may get softer with time, but the tungsten ring doesn’t lose their original quality and toughness. The rings maintain the same level of consistency for years.
  3. For their unique color tungsten wedding rings for men are very popular among men. The default color is black, and sometimes it can be steel gray. When this amazing material is combined with other elements, it creates amazing designs.
  4. The cost is another thing why people love to buy rings is the value of the ring. These amazing rings are a gift to give someone as they are less expensive, but they look great. The rings can easily convey all the attractiveness and sophistication of platinum, and gold wedding rings while being priced lower than the other metals. On the other side, these rings don’t develop any allergic reactions. So, this is perfect for those who have sensitive skin.
  5. The black and rose gold mens wedding band is unique and amazing. The reason behind this is the rings don’t require regular polishing or frequent maintenance. There is no need to worry about its polishing. It is the best thing about the ring. Even though the tungsten bands need a cleaning session when they turn dull and look dirty. However, it still requires less maintenance than silver, platinum, and gold.

So, if you want to buy a tungsten wedding ring, you browse online and pick the best one for you.

Understanding the making process of tungsten ring

  • In detail, the making process of tungsten ring jewelry consists of machining and grinding a piece of metal into a fantastic ring. It is like cutting and polishing a diamond. In general, a tungsten ring includes around 80 to 85 percent of tungsten carbide. It is the perfect purity level of tungsten carbide to create the most durable rings. The rest 15 percent includes other metals like nickel. A high percentage of nickel in a ring can make it weaker.
  • All the metals are ground and combined perfectly while they are in the form of powder. After the ring, manufacturers used high-pressure compression to create the ring blanks.  Then the rink blank is heated in a furnace which is free of oxygen at a high temperature.
  • The metal is so durable that, it doesn’t melt when it comes under high temperatures. Instead of tungsten, other elements melt, and they get combined with tungsten. This process leads to a solid metal, which is just like a diamond.
  • The next step is quite a labor-intensive step. Here the rings are trimmed and polished into different style using grinding and diamond cutting tools. The finishing is done using diamond dust powder.

The tungsten wedding rings for men are the latest option in men’s wedding jewelry, and they will never go out of style. So, consider buying a tungsten ring if you are looking for a perfect one.


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