Top 5 Well-Paying Creative Jobs In 2019

So, what are the top well-paying creative jobs in 2019?

1. Makeup artist

Regardless of how developed AI becomes, do you see a robot putting makeup on an actor any time soon?

No, neither do I.

And the best part of is that you don’t need any formal certification in order to become a makeup artist. Some makeup artists do take cosmetology courses but it isn’t mandatory.

You will need serious creative skills to create the right kind of look for your actor and you will need to be able to network well with people so that you can get the best opportunities out there.

This profession is especially relevant in a country like Bangladesh where the scope for television and theatre is growing.

2. Interior designer

That interior designer is number 2 on my list has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I myself am an interior designer.

Now, you need to take a formal course in interior design and get yourself certified before you can represent yourself as an interior designer. There is a similar-sounding job called ‘interior decorator’ that does not need any qualifications but your scope of work would be very limited.

Technical qualifications aside, there is a lot of scope for creative input for an interior designer. You will have to understand what kind of design your prospective client is looking for and create a design that meets their expectation.

There is also a big project management aspect to interior design work, especially if you opt to work as a full service designer.

As far as demand for interior designers is concerned, certainly, in countries like Bangladesh – with rapidly developing economies and rising disposable incomes – the demand can only keep increasing.

3. User experience designer

It’s often said that a lot of consumers now pay for an experience rather than a service.

And that opens up a lot of opportunities for work as an UX (User Experience) Designer.

Geographically, this trend has caught on more in the developed world which means the scope for such work in a developing country like Bangladesh right now may be limited. The maximum scope would be in the developed economies like the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Australia and so on.

However, at the rate that Bangladesh is advancing these trends will catch on very soon, so if you are from Bangladesh, and you think you have an aptitude for this kind of work, start learning the various skills involved so that you can remain ahead of the curve.

A UX Designer will need to understand a consumer’s needs – whether material or emotional – and accordingly design products or websites. It requires creative, problem-solving and analytical skills.

UX Design will also require technical skills like a deep knowledge of wireframing and prototyping tools like Axure RP and InVision.

4. Editor

Newspaper editor. Journal editor. Book editor.

This list of ‘editor’ jobs is endless and there are very few countries in the world where these kinds of jobs are not available.

Now, some of the functions editors perform might be taken up by computers quite soon. Things like reviewing content for errors and structural weaknesses may well be done via software programs.

However that’s hardly an exhaustive list of functions performed by an editor.

An editor also checks to see if the content is easy to understand, reviews pitches from content creators and takes judgement calls as to whether the content is worth developing and helps content creators develop content.

All of these call for a lot of creative skills as well as awareness about whatever niche content the editor handles as well as an appreciation of what will appeal to the public.

Generally, the job of editor requires a degree in journalism or communication and a good grip on the language they will be working with.

You should also try to widen your experience across media – television, websites and social media – as quickly as possible so as to increase your potential.

5. Writer

By ‘writer’ I don’t mean ‘author’. Writers create the written part of the content produced by a wide variety of media (just like in the case of the editor).

Also like editors, ‘writer’ jobs are to be found in virtually every country.

Your job will be to convey information or your thoughts (opinions or fiction writing) in an easily understandable and enjoyable format.

As with editors, there are many different media that writers work with and you should try to widen your experience across media in order to maximize your employment potential.

While people with a degree in literature, communication and journalism may get some preference in getting hired as writers, there are many writers who get work on the strength of the content they produce on their blog alone.

The point is that you need to create a portfolio of your writing to get noticed. Which is also true of an interior designer – they also need to create a portfolio of their work for prospective clients to look through.

In short, the jobs market is alive and well, especially for those with a creative bent of mind.

The 5 top well-paying creative jobs in 2019 are

  • Makeup artist which is vital in the performance arts industry
  • Interior designer, which is what I do
  • UX designer which involves a lot of skills like problem solving, designing and technical
  • Editor in which you have to stay on top of the latest trends
  • Writer which involves conveying your thoughts in a clear and concise manner

I wish you all the best in your creative endeavours in 2019!


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