Things To Do in Belfast

With enriched historical background, the city which is famous for its world famous tragic love affair in the history between Jack and Rose happened on the verge of sinking rms titanic, Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and a famous tourist place.

Belfast is the biggest city in Northern Ireland and second largest on the island of Ireland. Belfast is the hub of fun. There are a bunch of fun things to do in Belfast. It would be difficult to state them all.

Belfast with its best natural landscape and historical sculpture along with modern sculpture, located at different location of the Belfast city give you an amazing feeling, from the dazzling “the big fish” to the bravest lion “Narnia”, Belfast located at the convergence of River Lagan and River Farset, because of its iconic location it was named “mouth of the sandbar”.

Visit Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast

Every love couple is familiar with the romantic story of Titanic. Belfast gives lovers to recreate the love story of Jack and Rose in their own way.
If you have a chance, you should visit Titanic Belfast. There are a lot of things to do with friends and family. You get to experience a submarine ride down to the remains of Titanic.

In the memories of RMC Titanic, The museum was built with more than 12000 square meters area and located on the former site of Harland & Wolff shipyard, where Titanic was manufactured.

Museum is the home of many historical sculpture and series of galleries, here you will also find about the history of Titanic and some old monuments preserve in the memories of ill-fated soul, north Atlantic ocean where titanic sank along with those people.

You also get to know the full history of Titanic. You can have tea there on a Sunday afternoon. They have built the beautiful and iconic staircase like in the Titanic movie. There are many functions held at Titanic music like Halloween. You can get a bus from the city that will take you to Titanic.

Explore The History At Crumlin Road Gaol

If you are a historian, then this jail is the right place for you. It was made in 1845 and was closed in 1996. It has also seen hunger strikes and riots and executions and escapes. It is a must-visit destination in Belfast for history lovers.

Realm of Ulster Museum

To be able to view the historical facts of Northern Ireland, no were else to visit but Ulster Museum, located in the Botanic Garden, have different types of Sculpture, here you will be fascinated by the fossil of dinosaur and the fossil of the biggest mammal of the past world.

That’s not all, to give you true inspiration of world ancient advanced civilization in the form of Takabuti mummy one of the noblewomen of Egypt.

Walk in the Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Want to see some natural beauty? Botanic gardens are the place for you. You can take sunbaths in the spacious parks with beautiful plants and flowers around you. You can also enjoy a football game. It is literally a beautiful place to visit in the early morning.

In the season of spring Belfast main attraction, which pulls everyone towards it, is botanic gardens where you will be lost in the fascinating fragrances of millions of flowers Occupying 28 acres, located at Queen’s Quarter. In the humming sound of birds, you will enjoy the nature while cycling across the garden.

To give tribute to Belfast national heroes their names were written on the Plaque, for leniency of tourist the ornamental table is translated in three different languages. The botanic garden is famous for its cast iron glasshouses for the preservation of Palm tree, also known as “The Palm House”.

Go Ice Skating At Dundonald

Skating rink is the one and only ice skating rink in Northern Ireland and in Belfast. Everyone can visit this as it is not expensive. It’s a fantastic experience to do ice skating when it’s raining in Belfast as it doubles the fun. There is a bowling alley. You can enjoy that too. Just head to Dundonald and get your skates on

Take A City Bus Tour And Visit The Murals

There are a lot of murals and canvases hanging and dotted around the city of Belfast. Take a guide with you on an open bus or taxi ride, who will explain the meanings and history of those murals to you. They are quite fascinating.

You will love to ride the open bus around the city. It will also take you to the peace wall that once divided the two communities of the country. The bus will also take you to the Parliament Buildings Belfast.

Witness a Show at The Grand Opera House

Belfast is famous for it’s architecture also. The iconic building next to the Europa Hotel is fascinating. Europa Hotel is famous for the most bombed hotels in the World. If you are staying in the Europa, then you must pay a visit to The Grand

Opera House and watch a show there. They offer lots of different shows like the Bodyguard, Chicago, Grease and every Christmas season there is a pantomime.

Uphold the Legacy of Belfast City Hall

In the heart of Belfast city where the brightest minds administrate the Belfast city, doing their best to keep Belfast city the hub of tourist. City hall is responsible to keep the beauty of Belfast at its best and to protect the world heritage and sculpture. If you are going to get married, then Belfast City hall wedding is best place for you. There are many jewels that enhance the beauty of Belfast city hall among them the Sculpture of the Earl of Belfast is the brightest among them.

Be Royal at Belfast Castle

Belfast Castle

The iconic structural site located in the center of the Belfast city, which reminds of the enriched construction heritage. Belfast castle was first built in the 12th century by the Normans, which was reconstructed in 1870. Here you can find the antiques and sculpture of Irish historical heritage, you will also able to visit the internal parts of the castle.

You will never get tired of historic Belfast buildings. Located on Cavehill country park, there is Belfast Castle. You can have beautiful and stunning views from the Belfast Castle. You can see the beautiful walls made of stones.

After getting exhausted by all the royalties do not forget to treat yourself with the Royal dinner here at the restaurant located within the castle. It is the most recommended place for honeymoon couples in England.

Belfast Zoo

If you want to befriend with the jungle animals, Belfast has a 55-acre zoo with more than 1,200 animals and 140 species. Belfast zoo map located near the Main entrance will guide you. Your visit to the zoo will require a whole day, to visit all the animals.

Belfast zoo has a lot of other actives to entertain you, who follows a strict schedule, here you can feed the animal you like and can get more information about the animal you love.

With all the excitement the Belfast zoo also have the reproduction system for the endangered species, if your luck is with you than you might witness the birth of baby giraffe or a coppery titi monkeys and tree-kangaroos

St George’s Market

If you are an antique or modern art lover and you like to buy good old jewelry than do visit St Georg’s Market here in Belfast open every Friday located at Mary Street, with more than 300 stalls of antiques, crafters musicians and food vendors.

St Georg’s Market is also the best place to try out local food with the exciting flavor of its own along with live music.

Belfast offers to its visitor the complete package of joy, the city of great love story and the center of historical sculpture, this city will leave his everlasting presence on your soul and memory.

The beauty of this city is worthy of your time and money, you will always cherish your memories spent in the irony of this enriched cultural place.

Visit Game Of Thrones Sites

Game of Thrones sites are the key filming spots of this hit TV show. You can find beautiful green lands and dark hedges there. Belfast old town is also a good place to spend quality time. When Is The Best Time To Visit Belfast? Belfast is really incredible all year round.

Best time to Visit Bellfast

So, we would not say there is a best time to visit. Summer is excellent for outside festivities and concerts, food fairs, and some nice weather every now and again.

Autumn is great for wonderful autumn landscape and colors.

Winter is the home of the Belfast Christmas fair, which inevitably brings Belfast to life and Spring brings exciting tours and many more.

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