Men’s Clothing: 5 Most Difficult Menswear Colors and How To Pull Them Off

Have you ever worn a shirt color that made you look “less of a man”? The clothing can be a bright orange floral polo you got from your grandma last Christmas or a purple blazer that made you look like a Batman villain. 

Trust us, we get it. As much as women are expected to get rid of look flawless 24/7, men are expected to steer clear of cheery hues and just stick to blacks, neutrals, reds, and blues forever. And that’s not okay if you’re someone with a colorful personality.

Sick of wearing dull colours for the sake of looking manly? If you want to stand out from the pack, it’s time to embrace bolder hues. Here are 5 most difficult shades to pull off and how to wear like a real man

1. Pink

Men’s Clothing: 5 Most Difficult Menswear Colors and How To Pull Them Off 2
Pink blazer + Olive green trousers

Still stuck in the perception that pink is only for girls? Think about this: travel back in the 18th and 18th century and you’ll see fine gentlemen wearing pink as this was considered as a masculine color. Whether it’s bold and bright, or soft and dusty, streetwear clothing or formal attire, wearing pink can definitely make you shine if you wear them well. 

  • Recommended color pairing: Pink pairs effortlessly with the colors you probably already have in your closet: brown, beige, white blue, olive, and other darker hues. Pink also looks perfect when paired with similar colors, like reds and mauve pinks.
  • Skin tone guidelines: If you have fair skin, be mindful of pastel shades. Darker, bolder shades flatter your complexion better. If you must wear pastel pink, try to pair it with something that has a contrasting shade, like a navy blue trouser or a dark gray blazer. 

2. Orange

Men’s Clothing: 5 Most Difficult Menswear Colors and How To Pull Them Off 3
Orange hoodie + Denim jeans

If you don’t want to look flashy in yellow or red but you also want to wear something louder than brown, then orange is the way to go. The traditionally vivid and citrusy shade has taken on a more burnt appearance, making it a stylish piece all year round. 

  • Recommended color pairing: Orange pairs perfectly with shades of blue, like navy and teal, and earth tones like gray and black. It’s also easy to pair with similar colors like reds and yellows. 
  • Skin tone guidelines: Men with fairer skin tones look great on burnt or rust tones of orange. Bright corals and blood orange tones, on the other hand, suit darker complexions. However, you want to wear it, make sure to play it off against neutral colors like gray, navy, and black.

3. Purple

Men’s Clothing: 5 Most Difficult Menswear Colors and How To Pull Them Off 4
Purple dress shirt and mauve trousers

The next time someone calls you out for wearing lavender, hit them with facts: Of all hues, purple is the most regal color, according to Ancient Greeks and Romans. But that doesn’t mean you can wear them from head to toe. Start by using it sparingly in your clothing. 

  • Recommended color pairing: Blue violets and mauves are easiest to pair. Matching purple with colors such as navy, gray, beige, and white make great combinations. Use it as an accent. Think of purple ties and pocket squares against neutral or light-colored shirts. Soft hues also make good dress shirts, especially when paired with navy suits. 
  • Skin tone guidelines: Same with the previous rules, balance out your complexion with the contrasting shades. 

4. Yellow

Men’s Clothing: 5 Most Difficult Menswear Colors and How To Pull Them Off 5
Yellow and black polo + black hat

Yellow is an energizing hue, whether it leans toward the pastel side or the deeper side. While it can help boost creativity and productivity when used as office décor, it can be overbearing when used for men’s clothing, especially in corporate menswear. 

  • Recommended color pairing: Yellow looks amazing when paired with neutral surrounding pieces, particularly pale gray, black, white, beige, charcoal, and navy. Casual wear including t-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters or jumpers, shorts, trousers, and streetwear clothing look great in yellow. 
  • Skin tone guidelines: Find a shade that doesn’t wash you out. If you have a fair skin tone, go for deeper hues, like mustard and gold. If you have a darker complexion, you’ll be able to pull off everything from vivid canary yellow to soft banana. 

5. Green

Men’s Clothing: 5 Most Difficult Menswear Colors and How To Pull Them Off 6
Emerald green hoodie

You may be wondering why green is listed here when it’s one of the most common hues used in menswear. But we’re not talking about olive green, moss, or army green which you may probably have in the wardrobe. We’re talking about other green tones that’ll help take your outfits to the next level – like mint, tea green, sage, lime, and emerald. 

  • Recommended color pairing: Regardless of the shade or clothing you’re going for, this masculine color always looks fantastic when paired with white, gray, and blue. If you choose to stick with the deeper army variants, complement them with earthy tones like brown and mustard.  
  • Skin tone guidelines:  Deep shades of green flatter men with a pale complexion. If you have medium or olive skin tone, avoid shades like olive, which would look washed out against your complexion. If you have a darker skin tone, your choices are limitless, since you can wear everything, from pastels to bold, bright hues like jade. 

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