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Is it Worthy to Wear Fake Glasses for Style?

Technology is advancing is every field rather it be medical field or fashion you can witness the advancement and involvement of technology everywhere. Where the technology of glasses has developed to a point where it can make color blinds see colors, some people are using it for fashion purposes.

BUT is it really worth? Some people might think that it is crazy or may be offensive to people who really need to wear glasses, you are free to disagree to my point of view but in my opinion sometimes it is really worth it!

The world today is all about embracing style, though we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but hey first impression is also the last impression and sometimes first impression is all you get. It is not even that easy to identify fake glasses. One cannot tell if a person is wearing fake glasses or real one.

When we can dress up for style why not wear fake glasses for some fashion too? There are a vast number of people who wear fake glasses for style including famous actors, doctors, teachers, sportsmen and women, fashion models, chef and many more. When these celebrities adopt a trend, the public who follows them, adopts it too.

girl wearing fake glasses

The number of people who wear fake glasses is estimated to be around four million. Glasses give you a bolder look making you appear really different. It also makes you seem to be smarter, intelligent and committed. It makes you give a great impression when you are going out to make an impact on someone especially for an interview or even when teaching in senior grades and in universities.

People find you to be more committed to your work and do not try to engage you for other purposes. Although, you have to be really careful while picking out the frames, it is not easy to give yourself a sophisticated look; it may even make you look like a nerd or a dork. You have to keep in mind the structure of your face and your overall personality else even fake glasses will not be able to help you get your desired look.

However it is a misconception that wearing fake glasses can harm your eyes, that is why most people question about its worth. Fake glasses certainly do not harm your eyes because they have no power at all.

They act just like sunglasses without being shaded. In the current era that we are in, most of our time is spent in touch with screen, rather it be our mobile phones, computer or television.

All of these emit HIGH ENERGY VISIBLE BLUE LIGHT, which is a part of the visible light spectrum that can lead to loss of vision if exposed too much. Even during the day, Sun is the source of natural blue light emission, although this amount of exposure is good for you.


The added exposure from these technologies that we use significantly, harm our eyes. When we protect our self from the rays of the sun using sunscreens and sunglasses why not take care of our eyes too?

Hence wearing fake glasses protect you from such exposure, even though it has no power it shields your eyes.

Protection with style, what can be better? Glasses not only give you class but they also help you hide tired eyes, eye bags or black circles.

So the next time you wear fake glasses remind yourself that its making you happy, making you look more chic, and is definitely doing you no harm regardless what the people say.

However, choose the right ones and manage them accordingly. If fake glasses give you attractive, stylish looks it can destroy your image too if they are not clean, smudgy or cracked.

While talking about its cons there is one thing you should keep in mind, try not to wear fake glasses while driving where the visibility is poor due to fog or may be less lights during night time. It might distract your vision and may lead to an accident.

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