How to Dress up for a Casual Party

The most stressful part of going to any casual dinner party is choosing what to wear. Everyone wants to go to a party looking their best be it a man or a lady, but selecting what suiting should be worn to give off that mature and responsible aura without being too flashy can dilemma.

For ladies choosing what to wear and accentuating it with the proper accessories is even more important to become the highlight of the evening.

To ease you out of your suffering here we have selected a few classy casual dressing that will ensure you remain the spotlight of the party.

For Men

How to Dress up for a Casual Party

Selecting a smart, casual dress all depends on the weather and the audience of the dinner party. For a warm weather and in an indoor setting consider wearing dark or grey colored jeans with a blazer and a milder colored shirt will present a stunning mix of casualness and smartness. Or for a warmer weather consider switching the two with a polo shirt with stitched trousers or the classic chinos.

In winters a tweed coat or a sweater over a T-shirt is the definition of casualness.

In the foot-wear try Loafers, Chelsea boots, matted leather etc. Trainers are alright if they are in a darker shade while Flip-Flops or Sandals are an absolute no-no.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Outside of work smart casual attire never consists of wearing a Tie but if you’re not entirely
  • Be Sure of the type of gentry expected you should keep one in your car just in case.
  • A blazer or a neatly cut over coat can work wonders for that smart casual aura you’re aiming at.
  • It is suitable even for warmer weathers where you can take it off if needed.
  • For blazers patterns can make the piece look even more casual but avoid overly bright pieces.
  • Shirts with slogans, logos, jokes and/or patterns must be avoided at all costs.
  • Never attend a dinner party in workout clothes or sweatshirts and hoodies even if it’s casual.
  • It’s called a ‘party’ for a reason.

For Women

For warmer seasons a red skirt with laced top will provide an elegant look especially if accentuated with heels and minimal jewelry. A maxi skirt or blouse with a short sleeve top is also a perfect classy yet casual choice of wardrobe. Another great idea would be a long skirt with a tank top and cardigan to go for that sophisticated yet elegant look.

How to Dress up for a Casual Party

For winter seasons a blouse or sweater complete with jeans or slacks will help with that casual look. Or if you’re looking for some casual formal clothing to make you the center of the spotlight in the party consider wearing a long-sleeved sequin dress with a plain black top coupled with metallic earring for that drop-dead gorgeous look. For footwear, Sandals, low heels, flats, anything that compliments your outfit can be worn.

Bonus Tip: If you’re not sure about the gentry keep a few of your accessories and cosmetics in your bag e.g.: a fashionable scarf, a necklace etc.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Avoid overly revealing or flashy dress at home. If it is a casual dinner party then try to dress casually
  • Keep the makeup and jewelry to the minimum if it is a close party. But don’t hesitate to indulge in a little if you believe it’ll help your appearance.
  • Don’t confuse casual and formal dinner parties and dress in fancy clothes with lots of makeups.

Wrapping Up

So, wrapping it all up above we have selected some casual dresses that you can wear to rock that dinner party. Avoid wearing your work-out clothes or anything baggy or too tight, males and females both – If you’re wearing a cardigan or a pull-over tuck in your shirts and don’t let anything show.

Just keep in mind that smart casual can mean a lot of different things so if you’re still in doubt try asking the host as to what will be the dress code for the party.

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