How to Dress Like a New York Woman

The way you dress up, tells much about your personality. In this ever-evolving world, we do not want to stick to a single piece of clothing. We like to change our style. As for New York women, style is part and parcel of their lives. If you want to dress like a New York woman then you should be reading the whole article to know about it. There are 8 simple rules to follow:

  • Dress simple
  • Shoes
  • Having a look at brands and celebrities
  • Bags
  • Skincare
  • Accessories
  • Wearing black
  • Being yourself
dress like newyorker woman

Dress Simple

It is commonly thought that more is everything but it’s not true. Less is much. So, instead of hoarding a couple of clothing etc on your body, choose wisely. You can pair a t-shirt or printed shirt with jeans along with a handbag and dark lip color. There is no problem wearing light lipstick if you want to. Throw a coat at your shoulders and you are ready to rock the look.


The next recommendation is about shoes. Remember that shoes are there for you to walk comfortably. Do not go for such shoes which are uncomfortable or in which you look uncomfortable to people as it will make you look awkward and your confidence will be lowered.

Do not pain yourself by wearing painful high heels each day. If you really are into wearing high heels then you must keep a loafer or flats in your bag as for a back-up. Other than that, you can wear blockers, mid-heeled booties, loafers or ballets flats.

Having a Look at Brands and Celebrities

You can look up to those public figures and celebrities, you like. You can take a hint of fashion through their dressing. Remember, you are not supposed to make yourself a copy. Take what inspires you and add a hinge of your own style into it.


You need to have a couple of bags in your closet to pair with your every dress. You can choose between a chic handbag or a tote. The bag carries all your important stuff so carry one. In case you don’t feel like carrying a tote, get a printed canvas bag for you.

Skin Care

Along with dressing, your daily skin care routine, manicure and pedicure are important. Give yourself a treat by visiting a manicure saloon as it’d cost you less than a couple of champagne.


If you want to wear a heavy piece of jewelry, your dress should be simple and elegant enough. Otherwise, go for tiny rings and earrings with a single bracelet and a classic necklace. You can begin by places like Catbird and Love Adorned.

Wearing Black

If you can’t choose anything then go for black. Wearing black is like an epitome of New Yorkers. Any shades or ivory, navy and gray look great. Pair it with minimal accessories. Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, and Rag & Bone are good places to choose from.

Being Yourself

To be your self is essential to look stylish. If you don’t like an ongoing trend, simply follow another one and make your own trend. Wear the dress, you feel comfortable in. A style is all about being confident and owning your look.

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