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How Often You Should Change Your Eyelash Box Design?

Without a doubt, packaging is the most important marketing vehicle of a brand. It solely impacts purchase decisions in the retail environment and serves as the embodiment of the company across all mediums, be it advertising, social media or in-store promotions. Yet, very few marketers consider revisiting their packaging decisions. Although they frequently benchmark product performance and track the impact of their advertising.

For this reason, package changes are still reactionary. Changes often come in response to changes by competitors, declining sales or concerns expressed by the sales force. And the most common reason for pack change is the induction of new marketing team that is keen to make its mark quickly by making the design changes.

When you talk about eyelash packaging box, it’s extremely vital to stay consistent with your design. Else, your customers won’t be able to spot your product easily on the crowded retail racks. But, there are times when it’s not a bad idea to change your eyelash packaging design. But the million-dollar question is: How often should you change your eyelash box design?

Update Packing Over Time

Look at some prominent brands and you can instantly decipher that for them consistency is key. Sadly, one size doesn’t fit all, though. If you find that your eyelash packaging box design is outdated, then you should certainly consider updating your packing and add a zing to it. Remember, don’t stray too far from your original design or your target audience may not be able to recognize your brand.

Change in Brand Values

If your brand has embraced a greener approach, you would want to revisit your packaging design to align it with your values. Opting for sustainable or recycled packaging materials would allow positioning your product and brand in a new market. Because it would be a more desirable choice for environmentally conscious buyers who are keen to reduce their carbon footprint

In addition, if you are partnering with an organization or sponsoring a major event, you could consider altering your packaging design to reflect the company you are partnering with to increase your reach and sales.

Christmas and Holiday Packaging

As a brand, you may come across times when it’s crucial to change your packaging design. For example, Christmas and holiday is the time of the year when customers are more receptive to festive or wintry packaging.

Your intended audience will surely love the packaging design that highlights the Holiday spirit. In addition, designing your packing for the festive season may make your eyelashes more appropriate to be presented as a gift. In turn, this could boost your sales.

Packing Doesn’t Stand Out

When you walk through a retail aisle, take notice of all the brands placed on the retail shelves. There are countless options for you to choose from, and most of the times, the false eyelash with the loudest packing wins.

That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean one should always go with bold designs, but give your packaging something extra so it can stand above the rest. This change means cleaning up your old design so it can be spotted among the competing products. Or go with a completely new layout that’ll knock the socks off your audience.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there is no hard and fast rule on how often one should change their packaging design. But it’s important that you should give weight to customers’ point of view too when thinking to change your design. Because if you are constantly changing the layout of your packing your customers will struggle to find the product every time they visit the store. It can force them to switch to another brand.

So it’s essential to keep your brand image and message consistent through your packaging design and changes should only be made when it’s beneficial or necessary.

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Jennifer Alex was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Jennifer is an avid reader and writer. She ardently follows blogs that are related to tech and packaging boxes. Besides writing, she likes to draw in her spare time.

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