Fun Things to do in London with Friends

Enjoy the city with our list of the best fun things to do in London with friends

We know, London can be a bit awesome. Its bright glittery lights, the huge and tall buildings, the pressing gatherings and rush hour crushes – it’s hard to focus with so much to choose from. Luckily we’re here to grasp your hand and guide you through the best fun events and the top new trends infusing their way through our lively, weird and great capital London.

We collected a vast list of fun things to do in London with friends. Just browse through the fun list to choose your favorite.

This list will give you access to fun things to do in London with friends at night and during the day. It is also helpful for couples on honeymoon in England and solo-travelers for a good time.

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So, are you ready?

25+ Places in London

Borough Market

Brought Market is just super amazing and strongly recommended. It is London’s most famous food market, right in the nucleus of the London. It’s next to London Bridge and even a little walk away from well-known Big Ben.

More than half the market is roofed which makes it a fun thing to do in London when it rains.

Just pick the train to London Bridge stop and walk from there to enjoy.

Borough Market Food Tour

Best for food lovers! Brought Market food tour Includes beverage tastings, background stories of the food stall, and lots of food and fun.

Stunning Views from a Car Park

This roof is one of the best roof top bars in all London. And absolutely one of the funniest and calm things to do in London with friends.

Enjoy the roof sights from restaurant in Peckham and a car park at Frank’s rooftop bar.

It’s situated on the 10th floor of a multi-story car parking!

Escape Room

Escape Room, a funny team building and group activity is a severe hour of fun!

A perfect activity for groups, couples, friends, and groups. It is also a great fun activity of group events and team building!

There are 3 themes to play in escape room

  1. The Adventure Starts (6 players)
  2. The Battle for Britain (7 players)
  3. Roll out the Barrel (max 24 players)

How to Join?

  • get up to 5 more partners
  • Plan your escape room space at the official website 
  •  have fun and enjoy

Clay Shooting on the Thames

It is Ideal for fun of spenders and a big hit with business groups at Meet at City Pier. Clay shooting on the River Thames offers a exclusive experience for seasoned shooters and first timers as well. The day starts with a 1 ¾ hours journey along the river which passes the London’s most famous monuments.

You guide will show you the ropes and help to compete against your friends to shoot the most clays throughout the day. After the fun activity finishes, a lunch buffet will be served and London Bridge will be raised to let your barge’s high pole to pass! For this journey each person will be charged £45.00.

Ghost Bus Tour

ghost bus tour london

A real Ghost bus tour is super amazing and funny in London. It is bloody, cruel, and filled with the tortured souls of the dead.

A 1960s Routemaster bus will drove you around while two funny and scary guides cut some odd fun proofs and background stories of London.

This Ghost bus tour takes place daily after sunset and takes around 1 or 2 hours. The assembly point is 8 Northumberland Ave, Westminster, next to Charing Cross Underground Station.

Keep in mind it can be scary, but more in a fun.

A Visit to the O2

At Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX, the O2 is one of the London’s topmost monuments. It offers fun activities to do day and night. The roof is filled with a weird selection of restaurants and bars catering for every taste and fit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are interested in a little more active experience, buckle up and climb over the 380m walkway and reach heights of 52m. There’s no escalator or lift. After your blood pumping on top of the O2, you will get your ears going in one of various concerts held at the ground. Each person will be charged £30.00 individually.

Enjoy shopping

The foundation of Burlington Arcade which is the eldest English covered gallery, is really surprising. Originally it was made to stop passersby to toss their wastes in the Lady Cavendish garden. In this architectural jewel, you will find old shops like a Rolex Vintage shop.

Old School Sports Days

if you’re looking for fun activities in London with friends, you can relive your old school sports days with a whole sacksful of laughter at Multiple leisure centers at a price of £25.00 per person. It will be included all classic games; the sack and wheelbarrow race, the egg and spoon race.

 Strong craving in Kentish Town

Enjoy another rare experience! Ladies and Gentlemen enjoy a cocktail in public lavatories.

The Great British Bakery OFF

This fun activity is a must for all Great British Bake lovers at Multiple venues. Get your friends with you and compete individually or against teams for the title of star baker. You’ll watch a demonstration of baking and will be given a recipe to make. You can add your creativity in and that will score you extra points. You will be charged £90.00 per person.

Street art tour/ Banksy world

Shoreditch is the region of street-art lovers. There you will find some Banksy artwork. try one of the Street Art Tours display you the district!

Tower of London

The incredible Tower of London! A Former fortress, prison, and a palace– all in one!

tower of london

The Towers of London is a must-see. Its background and some weird things are worth seeing.

Tower of London is UNESCO World Heritage Site for some reasons and the Crown Jewels of the British Monarchy.

Stop your guide here and spend minimum 60 minutes here and see how beautiful it is to walk around and praise. walk through the towers and see how brutal and fascinating history is hidden in these walls.

Harry Potter Walking Tour

this famous platform 9 3/4 is situated in Kings Cross Station and with the Harry Potter Walking Tour, you will discover the actual Diagon Alley and many other facts and places related to Harry Potter.

Follow in the paths of Harry, Hermione, Ron and other fictional characters to get to know the magical world of London from the perspective of a wizard.

The tour is quite fun related and highly recommended for groups, families, and harry-fans.

Take a break in style

While lurking in British capital, don’t miss a vital thing for fun and relaxation; TEA!

The best place for afternoon tea lovers is Sketch of course.

Its implausible interior design modifies regularly and don’t miss to check out the toilets! Don’t ask why toilets? just go!

Other places to have fun with your friends are

  • Topshop’s Oxford Street flagship store.
  • Head to the West End
  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  • Tate Modern 
  • The Old Bailey
  • Science Museum
  • Sky Garden
  • Richmond Par
  • Free museums in London
  • Apple Store Regent Street.
  • The Coca-Cola London Eye
  • Go Ape Battersea
  • London Bridge Experience
  • The Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit
  • M&M’s World

London is a charming metropolis during the day and the night. There is always something funny and exciting happening even after darkness. As the sun sets, London’s lights switch on and give the city a magical charm and illumination. It is a perfect destination for friends, adventurous groups and for exploring couples.

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