Urban Fashion Avenue gives an opportunity to publish your articles, fashion guides, change in men and women fashion news, latest styling, celebrities gossips and lots more the platform.

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What We Publish

Our editors are strict in approving contributors publishing. We do not like repeating same kind or topic articles on site. The best way is to have a look on previously published in the diary.

Joining Urban Fashion Avenue

Why don’t you join us? Its as simple as filling a form to get your account. Go to registration page here and register with your permanent gmail account only. We don’t allow third party or uncommon email platforms for registration.

Some Guides to register

  1. Use your real name (both first and last)
  2. Having Gravatar image with your real photo is something we really appreciate and adds a plus in your profile for approving your articles
  3. Add your 150-200 characters biography. Must be natural – not promotional

How My Article Will be Published?

It shall be published after Editorial review within 07 days of submission, Articles which do not meet our requirements will be deleted or instructions will be updated in your article to improve and resubmit.

Requirements for Publishing

  • Your content has to pass Copyscape to publish on site and must not be published anywhere on the internet
  • Minimum article length we approve is 875 words, however crossing 1200 words is extra
  • Supporting sites can be linked from body without any promotional text under natural anchor. Keyword based links will be removed.
  • Do not write for linking to some sites; write for readers to engage them in reading.
  • Spun / Rephrased or rewritten and also low quality written articles will be rejected and accounts will be permanently closed.
  • Do not forget to add related images. They must be royalty free or edited according to article theme. We Love info-graphics & custom designed images.
  • Always Link some articles from our platform in your article. Its what readers like !

Some Reasons for Rejecting the Article

  • The article is full of grammatical errors.
  • Duplicate articles or Spun or not easy to read.
  • Challenging to read the content or it does not have useful information.
  • If the content is promotional or it looks like an advertisement.
  • Poorly formatted Content.
  • Hate speech, Child Abusive, or promoting child labor.
  • It is similar to something already published here.
  • Your article has unnatural links or links that do not correspond with written content, linked site and words used to link them
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