Contribute offers writers and contributors to write and publish their articles on site by following a few terms and simple steps…

What Kind of Content We Appreciate

Urban Fashion Avenue doesn’t compromise on the quality of the article you are going to share with our readers and other knowledge seekers coming to our site from different platform.

We look for some creative content ideas instead of Top 10, Best of, or any topics which are already covered by hundreds of websites.

Additionally, we reject rewritten, rephrased, spun content. In those cases, we may block you permanently.

Authors may have a look on categories and topics we cover

Editor Recommendations

  1. Write a minimum of 600 words length content by adding related and Eye-Catching Headings, Bullets, Quotes on demand of content
  2. Add a custom made image, you can get related images from, or any other royalty free image websites. Same Like content, we don’t allow you to publish copied image
  3. References are good for readers, think of them while reading
  4. More than 95% of our readers are from the US, UK and Other European countries. Content belonging to Asian and Gulf countries are hard to be published
  5. If you link other articles from UrbanFashionAvenue, It would add more value to readers. Do it!
  6. Share your publications on Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other platforms add your trust to your account.
  7. Keep browsing site for new content ideas. Appreciate other authors with your valued comments.

To Publish

You do not need to contact us by email or any of the author/contributor or site owner to get your content published. You can simply Register for a Contributor account and submit the article for review.

Before you Register

Your account should be natural. We don’t allow making accounts with fake names or images.

Each contributor must have their own image, it must be real not copied from social media platforms.

Contributors with social media profiles especially Linkedin with the same name are given priorities

Everyone does uses social media platforms. We strongly recommend to add site in your profiles as contributor.


Article approval may take time 48 hours to 7 days for reviewing article, linked sites and other necessary things

Our Rights

  • We are rights to update, edit or reject your article
  • We may or may not remove your links. (Depends upon linking site and text)
  • By Registering, you agree with Privacy Policy and Terms
  • You are giving us complete right to store your details for registration purposes.

Your Account may be Cancelled if

  • Your article is low quality
  • Your article contains lots of grammatical or spelling mistakes
  • You Poorly format it
  • You make unnecessary irrelevant links
  • You add affiliate links
  • Your account is incomplete at Urban Fashion Avenue, You must fill it with your social media profile by going to your profile and upload a real picture
  • Your email address looks unnatural or from spammy domains

Something Important

Most of the writers, bloggers approach the site for links. We only allow nofollow links from contributor account. Once your trust is built with the admin, your account will be whitelisted and you may be able to publish content with a maximum of 1 dofollow per article. We can allow dofollow link only if we know a linked site or found it trustworthy.

Please Note: We don’t allow linking low quality websites

Building Trust is easy, do write for readers. We deeply read the content before approving. Each word is important

We do not allow Gambling, Casino, Pornography and Drugs related article. In those cases, we block the author without considering anything else.

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