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The Big difference between Chinese & French Parenting Style

Different cultures follow different perspectives on parenting. In this article, you will find out about international parenting techniques and I hope you can learn something new.

Parenting is a difficult task no matter what part of the globe you live in. Experts suggest that each international parenting style could help inform and support our parenting style. Each culture shares different perspectives and ideas on what works best for them. You may not know but certain ideas could be useful to adapt to fit in your parenting style.

French: Entente Cordiale

Pamela Druckerman, an American expat living and raising her kids in Paris, describes in her book “French Children Don’t Throw Food” some of her observations about French parenting.

French parents focus on educating kids, rather than disciplining:

French parents educate their children instead of disciplining them. They help their children grow maturely by treating them as little adults. They consider tough situations as opportunities for better growth rather than shouting matches.

French children are expected to be creative:

French parents understand that their children are their major priority but they also stress on having ‘adult time’ should also be your priority. It’s good to spend time with your kids but helping them to be creative is the best thing you can do to your children. They would be able to find something to do while you are busy with your important commitments. It will encourage them to be competent, confident and respectful of your time.

French children are expected to show patience:

It is amazing to know that French children are trained to have self-control from an early age. They are not allowed to interrupt when someone is talking. They are expected to behave nicely in restaurants and wait for their turn calmly. It is important to teach this skill to your children to help them, understand that not everything is immediate.

Chinese: Disciplined

The Chinese are known as disciplined, determined, well-organized, high-achievers. Could it be because of any specific parenting style? Amy Chua has shed light on the techniques she uses in her book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”. Not all but some of her techniques can be useful for all the parents.

Chines children are expected to be obedient:

Chinese parents demand their children repay them for the efforts and struggles spent training and tutoring them to be successful adults. Children are obliged to obey their parents and do whatever would make them proud. It isn’t a bad idea to wish to look forward to getting your daycare bills repaid when kids are growing up.

Chinese children are not expected to give up:

Chinese parents encourage their children to put all of their energy and try their best while doing various activities. They believe in the concept of “practice makes a man perfect”. It helps them to feel extreme happiness coming from succeeding the most challenging tasks. Setting goals and working hard can be a wonderful way to achieve something u didn’t expect to initially. Mutual encouragement is one of the best tools to develop strong bonds among family.

Chinese children can’t fail:

The Chinese culture highly values academic achievements resulting in parents expecting their children to achieve high grades. Setting academic challenges and being ambitious about it can be a great technique to encourage your children.


Rants of a Lazy Mom suggests that no matter how different these practices are, are for the same purpose. The ultimate purpose is to ensure the well-being of your children. Regardless of the practice of the ritual, the fact that matters is that all the parents want best training and grooming of their children. I believe, this transcends the traditional and cultural differences and unites all the parents in the mindset that our kids are our future. We need to be dedicated and passionate in ensuring their future.

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