Best Places to Visit in New York City

If you are looking for excitement, thrill, fun holidays or you simply want to fall in love again with your partner or you want to get inspired by the beauty of nature, than you can get all of this in one place, nowhere else but in the city of New York. Here you will get goosebumps from the height of this city, excitement from the landscape which its offered you.

A fascinated place locate within the five boroughs, the beauty of New York consist of;

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • The Bronx
  • Staten Island

In accordance with 2017 census New York population consist of 8.623 million, with all the historical places, people of new York are spreading their arms to welcome you. From the beaches of Montauk, from the landscape of Adirondacks, their excitement dares you not to fall in love with this beautiful city. Ironary of this city never ends, no matter how often you visit. Apart from these, there are many amazing restaurants in new york to amaze and give you pleasant environment.

Central Park

central park

The New York City with its fast moving life, where machines are everywhere to assist men, at a place like this central park where time seams to stopped, green field with the area of 800 acer to fascinate your mind and to relax your soul located at the center of the Manhattan.

Central park is first Public Park, which call out tourist form all over the world. There are tons of activities to be done in central park, like visit zoo , booting at lake, fishing in Harlem Meer and open air theater where you can found “Shakespeare in the Park”. The only thing your eyes can see is never ending greenery, fresh air to breath and beautiful sunset scenery.

If you ever have time to visit New York in winter, covered in snow, central park will look like a snow queen in the heart of mechanical giant. For ice skating lover there is 22 acres frozen lake.

Empire State Building

Best Places to Visit in New York City 2

New York is famous for its skyscraper among them Empire State building stands like king. American cultural Iconic building which can be seen from miles away. Empire state building dares everyone from the world to climb on this construction giant and touch the sky with their bare hands.

Empire State building standing tall with 102 stories and 1250 feet height located in Manhattan. With its 86th and 102nd floor observatories, give you unforgettable 360o view of whole New York. Empire state building is the home of many American television series, along with an inspiring sight for American film industry.

No matter how short your visit is to NYC, you will regret if you did not visit this Seven Wonders of the Modern World, to view New York form a whole new perspective.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

If you want to see how strong and beautiful the France and united state friendship is? One sight on statue of liberty is ample. This shining monument of new York is symbol of freedom and democracy for rest of the world. Neoclassical sculpture of statue of liberty is located on Liberty Island. To go there you have to wait for lorry, which will pick you up form Battery Park. It will be an honor for you to visit this World Heritage Site, declared by UNESCO in 1984. Masterpiece of 305-foot copper was originally designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

If you are truly an inspirer of natural beauty than add the Niagara Falls stop to your trip to New York. In the harmonic collision of three waterfalls is the birth of gigantic Niagara waterfall which lay between the American and Canadian border. The combined falls form the highest flow rate of any waterfall in North America that has a vertical drop of more than 50 meters (160 ft).

At the bank of Niagara Falls you can only hear the straddling sound of the waves push each other over the crest with the height of 160 feet.

National September 11 Memorial & Museum

To your tour to New York, do not forget to pay your respect to the 3000 martyr, killed in a tragic terrorist attack. You will be welcome there with the VIRGIL inspiring quote “No Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of Time”. In the memory of twin tower this magnificent memorial was built by Michael Arad, along with the memorial lays museum where you can find the memories of martyr and you will know about the history of twin tower, which reminds you of those people who lost their everything on this day.


To get lost in the irony of cinema, Broadway is the house of cinema industry with more than 41 cinemas at one place located in the Theater District, Midtown Manhattan. Here you can entertain yourself with upcoming Hollywood movies, historical plays and melody of music. Broadway always open its arm for local talent, you might find a unique inspiring show right at the footpath.

Times Square

Best Places to Visit in New York City 3

In day light Times Square is the hub of financial activates and at night streets are brighten with the neon lights to attract tourist towards time square. On the night of the 31 December 1907 the New Year eve ball was dropped, which continues till today. If you are looking for a craziest place to hang around with excited people to celebrate New Year parties than Times Square is must to visit.

Brooklyn Bridge

Best Places to Visit in New York City 4

The oldest suspension crossway that connects Manhattan with Brooklyn and the view of the east river over the Brooklyn Bridge is breath taking. You should mesmerize your tour to New York with the boating experience in the east river. Brooklyn Bridge has its on view of the New York City. Your trip to New York will never be completed if you do not visit this historical place.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Best Places to Visit in New York City 5

To visit the largest art museum of the United States also called “The met” with its 2 million art work collection. If you are a true fan of art and want to see world class art collection consist of ancient wither, painting sculptures of ancient Egypt, African and European masterpiece all in one place, than you must pay visit to Metropolitan Museum of Art.

One World Observatory

To be able to view the New York City form the height of 1776 feet, one world observatory which is also known as “1 WTC or Freedom Tower” have to be in your visit list. On your way to the top, elevator interior is design in such a way that you can experience VR like film in elevator. At 102nd floor of the One World Observatory you will have the awe-expression, from there you can view all the historical places of the New York City.


Best Places to Visit in New York City 6

If you want to experience the Diversified cultural hub, then New York is the best destination you will have all that. China town which is located in lower Manhattan where you can interact with chines culture as well as you will enjoy chines food.

New York have diversified cultural and continent aspects in its geographical boundary, there are multiple small towns of people belonging to different countries, like Chinatown, Littlie Italy and Korea Town,

Lake Placid

In the center of Adirondack mountain range, lays the lake located near the village of Lake Placid, Essex County. This are is famous for its landscape, there are hiking trails for the one who love hiking along the side of lake. Once you reach the highest point of the Adirondack mountain range you will be able to see the mesmerizing view of the lake and its surrounding beauty.

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