8 best Beaches to visit in India

India is full of diversity and this does not go only for people and different cultures. But, India is rich in diversity of nature also- from thick dense forests, Himalayan range to beautiful pristine beaches.  From solitude to parties, Indian scenic beaches offers a lot to its visitors. So, here are some of the best Indian beaches which you must visit and enjoy the serenity of the sea plus land horizon:

Varkala Beach

Just 45 minutes north of Trivandrum, Varkala Beach is a peaceful and pristine place to have fun where the sea meets the land. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in India. In the state of Kerala, there is nothing as beautiful as this beach which will simply take your breath away. You can take a walk on the golden sand and admire the nature or can jump in the water and do some adventurous activities. This place is also incredible when it comes to practicing Yoga and Ayurveda in the arms of nature. You can get great discount on ticket booking online using SastiTicket coupon.


If you think Goa is too crowded and you want to get the exact Goa touch, then Gokarna is a beautiful small town in Karnataka with four beaches nearby. These secluded beaches draw both pilgrims and backpackers and every one comes with high enthusiasm and love for nature. If you are looking for a Goa feeling, this area will surely soothe your mind and rejuvenate your soul.

8 best Beaches to visit in India 2

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in India- best picturesque I would say!  Located in the South Goa, Palolem Beach is enclosed by coconut palm trees. This mile-long stretch beach is gaining popularity every year and the environment has started to become livelier day by day. If you are looking for a relaxed and rejuvenating vibe, then this beach in Goa can entertain you and give you some healthy memories.

Tarkarli beach

If you are a water baby and love water adventures, then Tarkarli Beach in southern Maharashtra is heaven for you. Known for snorkeling and scuba diving, this beach is a brilliant alternative to Andaman and Nicobar beaches. Southern Maharashtra has one of the best coral reefs on the Indian mainland and has not yet gained popularity.  Locals love to ride bicycles and stroll on the golden sand of this beach. So, if you want to spend some time on a peaceful secluded beach for water adventures, this beach is the perfect place for you.

Agonda Beach

Located in the South Goa, Agonda Beach is the best beach you can look for chilling and having fun in India. You can stay in the hut overnight on the beach and live in the eerie of silence and serenity. The beach is inlined with shacks and small shops at the rear end and you can eat some delicious sea delicacies and drink.

Radhanagar Beach

8 best Beaches to visit in India 3

Nestled on the Havelock Island of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Radhanagr Beach is known for its pristine beauty and was also once voted as Asia’s Best Beach by TIME Magazine. If you want to live in calmness, far from the hustle-bustle of the cities, and serenity, then Radhanagar Beach is just the remote beach you were looking for. So, pack your bag and hit to Andaman and Nicobar’s Havelock Islands to live in the calmness of this beach.

Kovalam Beach

Looking for a family trip and want to chill at waterside? Kovalam Beach in Kerala is just the place to go and have fun. It is having two coves- Hawa and Lighthouse. Lighthouse is the bigger of the two and is known for its open-air restaurants. You can head to the lighthouse which offers incredible views especially sunset ones. The beach is also known for surfing and water sports. Kids do get to learn a lot about the lighthouse and can build sandcastles. All in all, Kovalam Beach is a fun visit if you are on a family trip!

Baga Beach

Going to Goa and not visiting Baga Beach is something like going to Hyderabad and not having Biryani or going to Amritsar and not visiting the Golden Temple. Baga Beach is the essence of Goa. Located in the North Goa, Baga Beach is fully commercialized and is one of the most happening beaches on the Arabian Sea coast. Known for water sports, busy shacks, bars, clubs, and fine dining, Baga Beach attracts a humongous crowd. Many visitors come here for music festivals and discount drinks.

Not to Miss

Anjuna Beach Anjuna Beach is known for its wild parties and hippies. Located in the Goa, Anjuna Beach still holds some exotic parties at the shacks like Curlies and Shiva Valley. It is the best location to spend your New Year’s Eve and enjoy the drinks and booze. Big trance parties are usually held at this beach and it is a paradise for hippies and vagabonds. You can also stay there at cheap prices and socialize with fellow travelers.

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