6 Vital Tips for a Rocking yet Safer Goa Nightlife

If you are all set to visit Goa for vacation this year, here are 6 essential nightlife tips to help you have an amazing, joyful, safe time.

1. Let Your Friends Know where you are Going

Make it a point to meet friends prior to heading out. It is not advisable to move out alone. Although the environment in Goa is chilled out, it has a dark side, too, just like any other place in the country. So meet a friend at a hostel or hotel and keep each other safe.

2. Beware of Strangers

It is not advisable to leave the bars with strangers all alone. Even if you have made some new friends at home, it is not advisable to move out and go home, hotel or villa with them. It is different in Goa. The roads are dark, dangerous, and snaky. There are no street lights and you may also not meet people around in the villages. There may not be anyone to help you out on the roads or nearby in case of an emergency. Take leave of your new friend and tell them you’ll meet the next day.

3. Just One Place

If you have visited Goa on New Year’s Eve, experts advise you to stay where you are (stick to just one place). Goa receives maximum traffic during this time of the year. Hence, it is not the best time to party hop. It is recommended to choose a place and stay there. Avoid all temptations to move around just because you spotted greener grass on the other side.

4. Know about Charges Prior to Heading Out

The taxis in Goa will charge you a hefty sum. Hence, it is advisable to enquire before you hire one. The charges go really high during peak seasons such as December and January. They have their own rules for taking passengers to a party place (such as entry for couples only). Hence, it is wise to gather full knowledge prior to actually hiring one finally.

5. Visit the Festivals

Goa hosts many impressive festivals round the year. Some of the most popular ones include Sunburn, GOAT, Reggae at Riva, and Sunsplash. You can get flyers for these parties and check if these are organized while you are in Goa. These festivals are not free. If you are in a group, it is highly recommended to rent one of the beach villas in north Goa. It will enhance your experience of visiting Goa and attending the hottest festivals hosted around.

6. Visit Hilltop at least Once

It is recommended that you visit Hilltop even if you don’t like trance. Hilltop is one of the most popular and best party places in the world. After all, trance and party culture have made Goa what it is today. Even if you are not a trance person, it is definitely worth it to visit the place and experience the vibe you never experienced before.

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