10 Facts about Edinburgh Castle

Did you know Edinburgh castle is the most visited place by the tourist in Scotland? Edinburgh castle is about 20 millions years old. It was created in bronze age by David I, son of Saint Margaret of Scotland in the 20th century. Edinburgh castle is the most famous and beautiful icon of Scotland. Its was voted as a top UK Heritage Attraction by British Travel Awards.

This most illustrious of Scottish castles features a complicated building history. The oldest half, St Margaret’s Chapel, dates from the twelfth century; the Great Hall was built by king around 1510; the Half Moon Battery by the Regent Morton within the late sixteenth century; and therefore the Scottish National War Memorial once after the First World War.

To facilitate tourist there is an audio tour translate in eight different languages. That is Mandarin, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German, French and English. This audio tour guide explains the brief history in a dramatic way and its architecture.

There is a jewelry shop named Crown jewel shop in Royal Apartment that has specially designed jewelry.

For the disabled tourist, the courtesy vehicle is provided by the Bank of Scotland to take them to the top of the castle. Lifts and ramps are also available to go, Crown Jewel, Stone of Destiny and war memorial hall. For people with visually impaired pointed system guide is provided for free and history is written with pointed text.

Edinburgh Castle Facts

Edinburgh is the most important castle in Scotland and has been attacked many times became the center of numerous wars

From the bronze age, it is the second busiest attraction of Scotland.

There is a small window in the castle’s Great Hall above the fireplace named “laird lug’ means “lord’s ear”.The king use this window to listen and see what is happening below in his court

The Castle is built on the top of the extinct volcano, by its geographical location it becomes one of the best-defended fortresses in Scottish history

The top of the castle is about 120 meters above from sea-level and is 80 meters taller from the north, south and west land surrounding to it.we can easily be reached to the castle from the east.

It has been used as a prison in the 18th century and early 19th century.

The castle surrounded by many interesting places to visit that is The Great Hall, Scottish National War Museum, Half Moon Battery, St Margaret’s Chapel, Crown Square, also known as Palace Yard, Royal Palace, Scottish National War Memorial, Prisons of War Exhibition, crown jewels of Scotland, Stone of Destiny.

There is a gun named One O’clock gun that is fired every day at 1 O’clock except Friday, Sunday and Christmas Day.

It is also known as Haunted place of Scotland..Lone Piper is the most famous ghost of the castle.

The castle offers a eye-catching view of Edinburgh city and its surrounding areas.

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